Saturday, May 08, 2010

An open letter to Nick Clegg

Hi Nick,

This has been a historic election. I, like many others voted for your party for the first time because I wanted a new kind of politics. I think we now have the biggest ever chance to get this new kid of politics.

I urge you, please do not make a deal to prop up either Labour or the Conservatives. Nor should you deliberately bring down whatever minority government they want. But your highest priority should be a new kind of voting system. My vote was wasted, like a majority of other peoples' votes in the country. Don't allow us to go to the polls again and have us make a choice between wasting our vote by voting who we believe in or voting for the lesser of two evils.

We want proportional representation. We want a system where everyone's vote is equal.

Not only will this increase the Lib Dem share of the vote, but it will increase participation and bring true fairness.

Please, don't waste this opportunity.

Chris Waller

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