Wednesday, March 08, 2006

It's piccy time

So we had our latest visit to the hospital. Everything is progressing as intended. Babies are developing well. One is a couple of days behind the other, but there's always been one smaller than the other and proportionally they're developing at the same rate.

You'll have to excuse the blurriness of the images. The camera wasn't really cut out for this kind of thing.

I think the one on the left is T2. So far that's the best name we've come up with for the little lad. Although we are moving towards "Owen" for this one. That may firm up, depending on which England player scores the winning goal in the World Cup final.

This pic (on the right... hopefully... if I haven't screwed up the formatting) proves - for those of you who may have had doubts - that we are having twins.

I guess it also proves that they're gonna be pretty close. They seem to revel in lying on top of each other. Which makes getting decent pictures pretty difficult.

Think T1 is on the left and T2 on the right. T1 so far is called Thomas. And no, there's no chance of it ever changing to Rooney. Or Defoe.

Due date so far is anywhere between late July and start of August. It's all a bit up in the air, particularly as twin births very rarely go full term. I'm reckoning start to middle of July myself. I guarantee now that it will coincide with England winning the World Cup for the first time in forty years.

Not much else to report in the visit. Pig had some glucose and protein in her urine, which isn't fantastic news. They'll keep an eye on things to make sure it's nothing to be concerned about and to treat it if it is.

This is T1 on his own. Not sure if he's got a headache, he's waving or if he's telling the sonographer to bugger off.

So that's it for now. Sure Pig will get round to updating her blog with some more of what's been going on in the Sid and the Pig household.

It's all been a bit hectic, so you'll have to excuse the sporadic posting. It's not you... it's me. My mind (and my heart) is on someone else. Or rather a couple of other people. And their lovely Mum too, obviously.

Oh - and if you have any better suggestions for boys' names then please post a comment.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Not staying...

Just gonna give a quick update on the world of us.

Things are progressing well, although I'm sure the pig might disagree given how cack she feels. We even got to go out to a pub. Friends of ours were embarking on a bit of a tour so we popped over to Hull to say hi-bye. You can check on their progress here.

In other news, it's been snowing. It's ace. Snow is fantastic. Just wish it was heavy enough to prevent us going to work, rather than make it take two hours to get there. The place looks stunning in the snow.

We've got an anatomy scan next week, so I'll be back with a proper post on Monday night if I'm not too lazy.

And the pig's sister should be moving in this weekend. She's flying over as we speak.


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