Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Two little boys had two little toys

Yes, yes I know I've not been around. Got a lot on my plate, ok?

It's been tough coming up with a post these last couple of weeks. My mind has been in a bit of a fug due to having way too many things going on in it. I got used to the idea of being a Dad. Then I got used to the idea of it being twins. Then we had the added stress of mono-amniotic twins. It was all a bit much really.

But my mind eventually calmed down, helped by some productive weekends around the house a bit of a refocus at work and a nice visit from the Grandparents to be.

So with a slightly more sorted outlook it was just time to wait for today's scan and then I could get back into this thing and reacquaint myself with you (albeit in many ways imaginary) lovely readers.

Today's scan was good.

The consultant was much friendlier as was the rather loud midwife who we saw a few weeks ago. They were chatty, even to the extent of faking remembering conversations they'd had with us previously. Then they commenced the assault on Pig's bladder (one thing that pregnant women never tell you is that ultrasound scans have to be done on a full bladder and if they're searching hard for something then they're putting quite a strain on it).

First revelation was that the little mites had developed to such an extent that you could make out their genitals. The fact that you could make out genitals kind of gives away the big reveal.

We're gonna have sons. Two little twin heart-throbs.

Then there was the next revelation. They spotted a membrane.

Yes, I know that finding out the sex of your unborn children should be the big news. But you have no idea of the relief that finding that faint line on the screen brought us. No longer do we have the fear of tangles and the horrible statistics of a mono-amniotic pregnancy to contend with. Just a nice regular twin pregnancy.

So all in all, a good day.

We've got more pictures to show you, but the stills never really convey the feeling of when you're in the ultrasound room watching the twitches and movements of those two little boys.

Oh, and my Dad's chuffed 'cos now he can take them to the football. Like any daughters of Pig would be fussy, prissy little girls that wouldn't have enjoyed that kind of thing.


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